Student Rental Apartments And Houses

Finding a place to live while away at university can be a real challenge, partly because most students are on a tight budget.¬†Many students consider this last option to bethe best. Renting a room or house away from the¬†university provides that all important feeling of independence, and means that you aren’t living right where you are studying.

student housingThe best place to live while at university may be a matter of opinion, and there are three main options, a room in a hall of residence or purpose built student housing, a room in your landlord’s house, or accommodation let by a private landlord. For many students, it is their first taste of living in the real world, and a chance to learn how to shop for groceries, cook meals, keep the place clean, and pay the bills. Although the feeling of independence in a rented student apartment or house is nice, you don’t want to live too far from your campus, which can then mean you incur unwanted transportation costs.

It’s also important to make sure you rent a room that is clean and comfortable and located in a safe area of town. Most colleges carry a list of suitable rented accommodation off campus, meaning that you can be sure of living somewhere that your parents would approve of.

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