Advantages Of Joining Our Alberta Union

The Force of Unity
On your own, you will be unable to strike the best deal from your employer. A collective bargaining helps not only one employee but everyone who is part of the union. Your employer will listen to you when you have backing of collective strength.

You will enjoy many advantages when you join our Alberta union.

Better Remuneration
This is the best advantage of becoming a member of our Alberta union. You will receive better wages compared to employees who are not part of any union. This holds true for all industries and sectors. It has been proven conclusively that unionized workers receive higher wages.

Alberta union

Support When You Need It
There comes a time when you need support of your colleagues. You will also need support of legal and other professionals. Professional services can be very expensive, especially when you want to resolve only some simple issues with your employer. The union provides you the right forum to discuss your problems with other members of the union. They will help you learn how to protect your rights at the workplace. You will receive basic legal support from the union itself.

Proper Representation
You cannot just go straight way to your company management and demand something that rightly belongs to you. While it can be done, your voice will be heard better when your issues are represented by an official union representative.

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